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Yes! I am eligible for Birthright Israel

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Our activities at Chabad are built around your interests. Please help us plan our programs by indicating the topics and programs which interest you. We are also looking forward to your creative ideas which will be used to make our programs meaningful and exciting


Topics that I am interested in:

Medical Issues

Medicine in Jewish literature
Medical Ethics from a Jewish perspective
End of life issues
The responsibilities of a Jewish physician

Judaic issues

General Jewish Heritage
Contemporary Kabbala
Women in Judaism
Remedial Jewish instruction
In-depth analysis of Jewish holidays and customs

Programs that I am Interested in

Shabbat Dinners
Classes and discussions
Holiday Programs
Ladies Nights
Israel Advocacy

Challah baking
Guest Lecturers
Lerners Service
Social Activities
Study Lounge
Lunch N' Schmooze

Most important—Your ideas:
Please take a moment to jot down the topics and programming that you feel will make Chabad at Einstein a truly unique and memorable experience.