Welcome to the High Holidays at Einstein, where everyone is family!

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Yom Kippur Pre fast @ Chabad, Wed, 4:30pm 

       Services, 1925 1st. floor Synagogue              Kol Nidrei (Wed, 6:50pm)   Morning/Noon services: 8:45am  Neila Thur 6:30pm
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 Following Kol Nidrei (wed. evening)   Afternoon service (Thursday, 1pm)   Neila service Thur, 6:30pm 
"Fireside Chat" Thurs. 5pm. a roundtable open discussion of students, by students  
 Meal to break the fast 7:53    

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  Month at a glance  
Wed. Sep 15, 4:30pm Chabad Pre-fast Feast
Wed. Sep 15, 6:50pm 1925 1st Floor Synagogue/Social hall Kol Nidrei Service/Explanatory service
Thur. Sep 16, 8:45am 1925 1st Floor Synagogue/Social hall YK service/Explanatory Service/Break Fast
Monday, Sep 20, 8:00pm Housing Sukka Sushi in the Sukka
Tue. Sep. 21, 8:00pm Chabad Sukka holiday dinner
Thur. Sep, 23, 6pm Housing Sukka BBQ and Dancing
Monday, Sep 27, 7:30pm Chabad Israeli dancing and cuisine
Tue. Sep 28, 7:00pm Einstein Synagogue Dancing with the Torahs!