By the Grace of G‑d

Match Day 2023

Dear Friends,


Tamar and I wish that each and every one of you match into a program that truly brings out the best of your capabilities and that you are surrounded by people that you respect, and all of whom appreciate and respect you.


Tomorrow in the synagogue, along with the regular weekly portion of the Torah that we will read, we will be bringing out a second Torah scroll to read an additional section.


In this extra portion we're going to read of how in preparation for the Jewish people leaving Egypt G‑d gave them a commandment - a commandment that will turn out to be the very first one given to this infant Nation.


With six hundred and thirteen commandments to choose from, the very first commandment chosen is the commandment to bless the Moon.


The responsibility of blessing and establishing the calendar is indeed a very prestigious one, but why would this be the foundation on which all religious and ethical practice would be based on?


There is a fascinating take away from this commandment that offers a powerful reflection for what you are all doing today.


By the act of Creation, G‑d gave humans choice and the knowledge of right from wrong, as well as implanting us in the world where each of us have an opportunity and a responsibility to make our mark in a world which G‑d will call home.


Every day each of us are presented with opportunities through which the world will be more beautiful and a more comfortable home for G‑d because of our action.


However, while each of the choices we make will indeed beautify the world there is limiting factor.


The world's creation was not done constructively.


Einstein's description of a world made up of time and space is indeed an illustration of the Torah’s depiction of a world made, not by construction - but by contraction.


When we think of a butterfly, we do not paint the butterfly in our mind, it was already there. We envision its beauty by selecting it out of the vast knowledge in our mind, and it's this limiting specificity that allows us to appreciate that image.


And so is true with creation. Our source is an undivided, infinite, Creator. Each of us are created through that undivided reality being contracted into the persona and the moment that we embody.


This on its own is powerful. Somehow an Infinite Creator felt a desire and interest in the microscopic minutiae of me, and my unique input.


However, as powerful and inspiring as this is, the underlying factor remains. My existence is the result of my being separated out and away from the true unified and undefined Infinity of existence, the Creator.


However, there is an illuminating exception.


Each month the Moon shows us a different perspective, by taking a moment to pause. By stopping to shine briefly, the moon ceases to be limited by its previous definition.


This temporary stepping away from its self-identity allows it to embody its inner reflection of the infinite Creator and it becomes able to shine with an entirely new light.


Each of you have been gifted with significant talents and capabilities. In the past few years you have applied tremendous effort to honing those abilities to be able to achieve the peak of human capability - the skillful understanding and maintenance of a healthy human being.


Today you take that one step further.


As you hold this envelope in your hand, it represents something above and beyond any effort or skill – it represents the humble willingness step up and serve wherever you're needed.


With this, you shatter any part of yourself that has been contracted and defined to only express and depict you.


Humility is not about saying I am not great, it is about saying my greatness is not by, for, or about me.


Today you not only find your success in achievement as a doctor you also express a greatness that goes beyond that - you are here to help.


With best wishes for a truly successful and empowering match.


Yours always,

Rabbi Zalman and Tamar

Please join the entire class to celebrate tonight!
7:30pm in the 25/35 lobby