A heartfelt thanks and a thought for Thanksgiving

Thursday, 27 November, 2014 - 9:18 pm

 A heartfelt thanks and a thought for Thanksgiving

As many of you know, each Chabad center – including Chabad at Einstein – is entirely dependent on its own specific supporters. I would like to express deep profound gratitude to all those who care and give to provide so much for the students at Einstein.

Every social event, each serving over a hundred students from every part of the Jewish spectrum, each class, with questions and intrigue from all angles of Jewish thought and every Shabbat meal, each representing the beauty and diversity of our colorful nation – all are an expression of the heartfelt generosity of our caring supporters.

On behalf of the countless students who have been fed, who have met friends – or a spouse!, have had questions answered or just enjoyed the atmosphere, Thank you. May HaShem repay your kindness and your generosity many times over with health, success, happiness and everything that you wish for.

This week we learn of Jacob’s ladder bridging the gap between heaven and earth. This gap is not a journey of distance, the divide is much greater: earth is a paradigm where each element is separate from each other; space, time and opinion give each earthly being its own realm. Heaven on the other hand is the abode of one G-d, where everything is inseparable and undivided.

Jacob’s ladder represents prayer, the vehicle that we have to leave our earthly confines which separate us from each other, and therefore distance us from G-d, and to express oneness - to become close to G-d. What is the first rung? What is the very first prayer uttered each morning? “Thank you”. Modeh Ani. To become close to G-d, to leave our petty shells, the first step is to humbly recognize that we are not G-d. We did not create ourselves. Everything that we have, even our very selves, is a gift, and for that we offer thanks.


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