Getting to know G-d, really.

Commemorate the Rebbe - Do something

Tonight, the 20th anniversary celebrating the Rebbe’s life, is a day to be commemorated by world Jewry, but perhaps even more apropos, it is a day to be commemorated by each individual Jew.

There is one lesson that I find infused in nearly every thought that comes to mind from the Rebbe, and it comes in two parts. Part one is a compelling, intellectual as well as inspiring and emotional path upwards. A thought process by which anything can be analyzed, evaluated and understood for its source and founding essence: A campus can be valued by its buildings, buildings by the employees working inside, workers by the management directing them, management by the directors and the directors by the whim, creativity and fancy of the owner – the ultimate root and foundation of what the company represents.

Part one is an uplifting exercise. Applied to any part of life, work, family it finds G-d and the whim and fancy of the Creator as the underlying force and purpose within it. All of life becomes meaningful in this perspective.
Part two is equally compelling and intellectual - and infinitely more inspiring and emotional.
What is the whim, creativity and fancy of the Creator? To use a favorite example, what did tickle Steve Jobs’ fancy? Was it the size of the buildings, the expertise of the technicians, the wisdom of the directors that woke him up early or kept him up at night? The whim and fancy of the Creator is to the final, ultimate end user. A coach sliding his finger to check the weather, a husband checking restaurant prices from the car in the driveway, a mom saying goodnight to her daughter in a dormitory via facetime. All of apple’s 70k employees blur out of focus in the joy of a satisfied and amazed customer.
Part one is uplifting, part two is empowering, stimulating – deeply thrilling.
I cannot describe the Rebbe, but this thought is often what the Rebbe is to me. A charged focus towards a great Creator, the be-all, end-all and source of our universe intricately interested and deeply invested in whatever small task is occupying me now. A Creator whose vast universe I get to understand and be amazed by more and more each day – who looks past all of it and watches intently with the excitement of a fan whose team’s championship deciding game is in overtime, anticipating the thrill of my purposeful choice.
So many people are asking about the Rebbe. How can we get to know him, what can we learn from him? I don’t know the answer to those questions, but if I could channel what inspires me I would say: The Rebbe would want us to appreciate G-d’s vast greatness, and to funnel all of that into one good deed – and do it.
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