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Dreisinger Library

Dreisinger Library


Dreisinger Holtzberg sepia 2.jpgDr. Albert Dreisinger, several days short of the 50th anniversary of his Graduation from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1960, looks on as workers install a library he is donating to the Holtzberg Hospitality Home, a community assistance project of the Chabad at Einstein Student Club and Chabad of the Medical Community, in Memory of his parents Harav Chananya Yomtov Lipa and Sara, and his wife, Faiga of blessed memory.

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The library will be available to visitors to the Hospitality Home, who range from new fathers staying close to their wives who recently gave birth to family members of trauma and hospice patients as well as patients themselves, on outpatient care.

The Holtzberg Hospitality Home is still receiving donations of furniture and supplies and dedication opportunities are still available. More information is available at:


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A Tribute to Mrs. Charllote Rohr OB"M

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